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Application for Arbitrage trading in the cryptocurrency spot market.

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Let`s describe ARCT briefly.

Arbitrage Crypto Trader is:

A unique application that allows you to make a profit on the spot market of cryptocurrencies in the event of an inter-exchange difference in the rates of traded pairs.

The best offer on the cryptocurrency market for arbitrage trading

With Arbitrage Crypto Trader, you no longer need to draw up cumbersome technical specifications and hire programmers to write automatic trading bots. everyone will be able to Set up and run the terminal in a few clicks

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Advantages of the trading terminal Arbitrage Crypto Trader.

Guaranteed security

ArbitrageCT does not work directly with your assets. It works confluent with exchanges through Your API keys are stored privately in your registry.

Automatic arbitrage trading

Our terminal allows you to make arbitrage transactions in a fully automatic mode. Manual and semi-automatic modes are also possible.

Simultaneous and instant trading

Arbitrage CT using websockets for real time fast and fluid trades.


The Terminal has a lot of functions that will allow you to trade as efficiently as possible.

User support

You can ask for technical help at any time, we`ll be glad to help you!

Multi-version accessability

Arbitrage Crypto Trader application is accessible with any popular OS (Windows, Linux, MacOS).


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Some screenshots of working Arbitrage Crypto Trader.


of the Arbitrage Crypto Trader application

For Free For a Fee
Arbitrage trading in manual mode
Trading on all exchanges connected to the terminal
Monitoring of arbitrage exchange rate difference for all currency pairs
Trading in fully automatic mode
Trade in 1 click

The terminal is available for download.
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You can download and install the Arbitrage Crypto Trader terminal absolutely free. Over 3000 users have already joined us. Start earning automatically today.


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